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December 13-15 Track Info

Introduction to Alteryx Designer and SparkED

Introduction to Bitcoins, Blockchains, Ethereum, and Smart Contracts

Microsoft Azure Administrator Certification

December 13-15 Agenda

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AWS Cloud Architecting

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This is a virtual, online event.



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Introduction to Alteryx Designer and SparkED

Please note that this is not an asynchronous on-line track. Everyone is expected to log in every day all day according to the Winter Working Connections schedule. This is a synchronous track.

This on-line Working Connections event is intended solely for the person who registers. Link sharing is only permitted with the prior approval of the National Convergence Technology Center.


Designer is the flagship product in the Alteryx analytics process automation platform. This low-code/no-code solution allows users across all industries and departments to produce transformational insights from their data with an easy to use drag and drop interface.

This workshop is an introduction to Alteryx Designer and its many capabilities. Attendees will learn how to build workflows in Designer to automate processes and perform advanced analytics. Attendees will pull data from different file formats into Designer, and learn to prep, blend, parse, transform, and output data from Designer. Significant time will be spent with hands-on labs to develop comfort and skill with the library of tools available. After establishing a baseline understanding of common data processes, we will explore the spatial and predictive capabilities within Designer, along with macros. Lastly, attendees will learn about the Alteryx SparkED program, the teaching and learning resources available, and the Alteryx Certification Program.


None, but some experience with Excel or SQL is beneficial.



Hardware/software needs

Alteryx Designer Individual Non-Commercial License for Educators

  • Go to: and click on “Get Free Education License”.
  • Note: An institution email (typically ending in .edu or regional equivalent) is required.



Kerry Lagueux is a Customer Success Manager at Alteryx where he helps Fortune 500 customers transform their analytical processes and upskill their teams. Kerry is a Geographer by training and has over 20 years’ experience helping non-profits, government agencies, and large corporations with spatial and data analytics. Kerry’s accomplishments include building the GAMMA GeoAnalytics team at the Boston Consulting Group, creating and teaching a Marine GIS course at Boston University, launching the Marine GIS program at The New England Aquarium, and participating in research and geospatial projects around the country. Kerry’s research and map illustrations have been published in book The Urban Whale, NY Times, and Endangered Species Research. He has a true passion for teaching analytics and Kerry has found a home at Alteryx which is the perfect platform to allow everyone to be an analytical superhero.

Course Objectives

After the workshop, attendees will be able to:

  • Build workflows to solve basic data prep and blend problems
  • Perform basic spatial analysis tasks and build simple predictive models
  • Understand the functionality and applications for different kinds of macros.
  • Understand the Alteryx SparkED program, and the available materials for teaching and learning Alteryx Designer


Topics covered will include:

  • The Alteryx Designer Interface
  • Workflow Documentation within Designer
  • Data Input and Output
  • Joining Data Sets
  • Data Preparation and Cleansing
  • Data Transformation
  • Parsing Data
  • Spatial Tools and Capabilities
  • Predictive Tools and Capabilities
  • Macro Development in Designer
  • Alteryx Community and Support
  • SparkED Program, Alteryx Community, Certification, and Resources for Teaching with Designer

Please note that content is subject to change or modification based on the unique needs of the track participants in attendance.

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