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December 13-15 Track Info

Introduction to Alteryx Designer and SparkED

Introduction to Bitcoins, Blockchains, Ethereum, and Smart Contracts

Microsoft Azure Administrator Certification

December 13-15 Agenda

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AWS Cloud Architecting

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This is a virtual, online event.



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Introduction to Bitcoins, Blockchains, Ethereum and Smart Contracts

Please note that this is not an asynchronous on-line track. Everyone is expected to log in every day all day according to the Winter Working Connections schedule. This is a synchronous track.

This on-line Working Connections event is intended solely for the person who registers. Link sharing is only permitted with the prior approval of the National Convergence Technology Center.


This track introduces participants to the underlying technology, business and momentum behind Bitcoins, Blockchains, Ethereum and Smart Contracts. This track will focus on the origins of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency and its evolution over the past decade, the rise of the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and Blockchain, the proliferation of Smart Contracts using Solidity, and the emergence of DApps that use Blockchain for a variety of applications. Learners will discuss “use cases” and details of three DApps – CryptoKitties, CryptoPunks and Augur. Focus will be on hands-on labs, case studies and exercises. No prior experience with cryptocurrencies is required.


General familiarity with the Internet and basic programming concepts.


None required to purchase.

Hardware/software needs

Participants are encouraged to have an external monitor in addition to a laptop or desktop that can handle graphics and programming exercises.

Chrome browser is required, and the Metamask Chrome Extension is required.

Labs will require Rinkeby or Kovan Test Ether, which requires a Twitter, Facebook or Github account for authentication.

Participants need access to Remix IDE using their browser at


Dr. Debasis Bhattacharya is currently a tenured faculty member at the University of Hawai’i Maui College, and program coordinator for the Applied Business and Information Technology (ABIT) baccalaureate program. Dr. Bhattacharya has been working in the software and higher education industry for 33 years, having worked for large corporations such as Oracle and Microsoft for 15 years. A resident of Hawaii since 2002, he has been actively researching the information security needs of small businesses since 2008. Dr. Bhattacharya holds degrees from MIT, Columbia University, University of Phoenix and NW California University School of Law.

Course Objectives

At the completion of this track, the participants will be able to…

  • Describe the underlying technology behind cryptocurrencies, blockchains, smart contracts and distributed applications using hands-on labs
  • Explain real-world case studies and applications of cryptocurrencies, blockchains, smart contracts and distributed applications
  • Create an outline of a semester long course using the content or create modules that can be embedded within existing course


The three-day track will cover nine modules, which can map to nine weeks of instruction in a semester long course. Each module will cover a discrete topic and contain a hands-on lab.

Day 1 – Bitcoins and Cryptocurrencies
Module 1 – Bitcoin Basics - Morning
Module 2 – Bitcoin Mining and Consensus - Afternoon
Module 3 – Bitcoin Security - Afternoon

Day 2 – Ethereum and Blockchains
Module 4 – Ethereum Basics - Morning
Module 5 – Cryptography - Afternoon
Module 6 – Wallets and Transactions - Afternoon

Day 3 – Solidity and Smart Contracts
Module 7 – Solidity Programming - Morning
Module 8 – Smart Contracts - Afternoon
Module 9 – Distributed Apps - Afternoon

Please note that content is subject to change or modification based on the unique needs of the track participants in attendance.

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