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December 13-15 Track Info

Introduction to Alteryx Designer and SparkED

Introduction to Bitcoins, Blockchains, Ethereum, and Smart Contracts

Microsoft Azure Administrator Certification

December 13-15 Agenda

Lunch Speakers


PLUS Track Info (Fridays)

Overview and Schedule

AWS Cloud Architecting

Travel Info - N/A
This is a virtual, online event.



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Welcome to Winter Working Connections Plus 2021!

Registration has closed for this event. We are sold out.

This year, in addition to the usual three-day track offered online in December, we are providing a special Fridays-only track.

This is not an asynchronous on-line program. Everyone is expected to log in every day all day according to the schedule. Your track is a synchronous track.

At Summer Working Connections in July 2022, a special pilot track will be offered to teach faculty attendees how to implement a hybrid cloud group project in their classroom. Because that track will require intermediate-level cloud technical skills, we are offering two foundational tracks separate from the Decmeber 13-15, 2021 Winter Working Connections event.

In other words, taking AWS Cloud Architecting and Azure Administrator will be a pre-requisite of the planned July 2022 hybrid cloud track.

AWS Cloud Architecting

Friday, December 3 – 9am-5:30pm Central
Friday, December 10 – 9am-5:30pm Central
Friday, December 17 – 9am-5:30pm Central
Friday, January 7 – 9am-5:30pm Central
Friday, January 14 – 9am-5:30pm Central

All on-line. Details will be provided to attendees in advance of the training.

Please note that registration ends on Friday, November 19. This is also the last day to drop without penalty.

Attendance Eligibility
Please note that because of limited space and budget, we only allow FOUR faculty members per school to attend Winter Working Connections Plus.

Cancellation Policy
If you must cancel your Winter Working Connections Plus registration, please notify Mark Dempsey immediately (

The last day to make any registration changes are listed above. Changes made after that date may result in a suspension from attending the next two Working Connections (Summer 2022 and Winter 2022). For those who are suspended from attending Working Connections for the next 12 months, both you and your supervisor will be notified.

Certificate Policy
Only those who attend every session are eligible to receive a Certificate of Completion for Winter Working Connections Plus. Because of the online environment, attendees must be proactive in making sure they are marked “present” if they miss roll call. It is your responsibility to make sure the instructor knows you're there each morning and afternoon.

All attendees are required to complete a survey before they log off for the last time at the end of the Winter Working Connections Plus program. Failure to do these surveys may result in a suspension from attending the next two Working Connections (Summer 2022 and Winter 2022).

For more information about Winter Working Connections Plus, contact Mark Dempsey (

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